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The Institute was founded in 1920 according to the Decree of the Soviet of People's Commissars as All-Ukrainian X-ray Academy. In 1925 it was named Ukrainian X-ray Diagnostic Institute, which in 1955 was reorganized as Kharkiv Research Institute for Medical Radiology. Its main scientific problem was “Scientific basis of medical radiology”.


Krasnoselskyi Mykola V. Director of the Institute. Doctor of Science (Medicine). Professor Phone: (057) 725-50-11, Fax: (057) 725-50-72, E-mail: medrad20@ukr.net


Main fields of work. Research work. The hospital. Expertise activity. International co-operation.

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The scientific conference with the international participation, dedicated to the Science Day, «MEDICAL SCIENCE AND CLINICAL PRACTICE - 2016»

We are proud to announce the annual scientific conference of young scientists with the international participation, dedicated to the Day of Science in Ukraine. The conference will be held on 20th of May, 2016 and hosted by L.T. Malaya National Therapy Institute, NAMS of Ukraine together with Grigoriev Institute for medical Radiology, NAMS of Ukraine. The leading topic of conference is prophylaxis of the non-infectious disease in different branched of medicine.

Ukrainian Journal of Radiology

Since 1993 the Institute became the founder and publisher of "Ukrainian Journal of Radiology”:

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