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The Institute was founded in 1920 according to the Decree of the Soviet of People's Commissars as All-Ukrainian X-ray Academy. In 1925 it was named Ukrainian X-ray Diagnostic Institute, which in 1955 was reorganized as Kharkiv Research Institute for Medical Radiology. Its main scientific problem was “Scientific basis of medical radiology”. In 1995, the Institute was given the name of S.P. Grigoriev. According to the Decree of the Council of Ministers of Ukraine dated 07.08.2000 No. 1232 the Institute was subordinated to Academy of Medical Science of Ukraine, it was given the name Grigoriev Institute of Radiology (Order of Academy of Medical Science of Ukraine No.51 dated 29 September, 2000).

The Institute is the chief scientific institution of Ukraine in the area of radiology, dosimetry and metrology of ionizing radiation, the basis for specialists training in these fields. Since 1993 the Institute has published “The Ukrainian Journal of Radiology”. The Institute houses two departments of Kharkiv State Medical University: Oncology and Radiology.

The Institute has a 220-bed hospital which treats about 4000 patients annually. Besides specialized medical aid, the departments of the Institute participate in testing new methods of radiodiagnosis and treatment, drugs, medical equipment. About 25000 patients are treated at the out-patient department of the Institute.

Department of Radiation Pathology Therapy and Surgery is unique in Ukraine. It deals with treatment of victims of radiation accidents, patients with radiation lesions (including those undergoing radiation therapy) as well as the patients who participated in Chornobyl accident clean up.

The work of the Institute (both scientific and practical) is aimed at solving the most important problems of radiology, i.e. working out and introduction into practice scientific achievements in the field of radiodiagnosis, radiotherapy, radiation medicine, dosimetry, metrology provision of ionizing radiation.

Since 1958 Central dispensary commission on medical check-ups of the persons working with ionizing radiation has been working at the Institute. Every year this Commission performs check-ups of about 2000 persons exposed to ionizing radiation at their place of work and Chornobyl contingent, of them 500–600 are treated at the hospital of the Institute.

The Institute is ESTRO member (European Society of Therapeutic Radiologists and Oncologists). Two scientists of the Institute are members of EANM (European Association of Nuclear Medicine), 5 – ESTRO, 1 – RSNA (Radiology Society of North America).

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Since 1993 the Institute became the founder and publisher of "Ukrainian Journal of Radiology and Oncology”:

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