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Research work

The research work of the Institute is aimed at working out new techniques of radiodiagnosis and radiotherapy, methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of radiation lesions, improvement of dosimetry provision of radiotherapy, optimizing radiation load from medical procedures, metrology provision of medical application of ionizing radiation, prognosis and tendencies of scientific research development in radiology basing on investigation of information resources.

The Institute is a clinical base for testing new radiopharmaceuticals and radiology equipment produced in Ukraine.

An important field of the research work is development and investigation of the properties of anti-radiation drugs. Introduction of these drugs into clinical practice has significantly increased anti-tumor therapy efficacy in cancer patients. Great attention is paid to organizing and holding scientific events (congresses, conferences, seminars, workshops), advanced training of radiologists, medical physicists, dosimetry technicians and paramedical personnel of Ukrainian radiological hospitals. This facilitates introduction of the Institute's achievements to the practical work and improvement of qualification and professional level of Ukrainian radiologists.

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The scientific conference with the international participation, dedicated to the Science Day, «MEDICAL SCIENCE AND CLINICAL PRACTICE - 2016»

We are proud to announce the annual scientific conference of young scientists with the international participation, dedicated to the Day of Science in Ukraine. The conference will be held on 20th of May, 2016 and hosted by L.T. Malaya National Therapy Institute, NAMS of Ukraine together with Grigoriev Institute for medical Radiology, NAMS of Ukraine. The leading topic of conference is prophylaxis of the non-infectious disease in different branched of medicine.

Ukrainian Journal of Radiology

Since 1993 the Institute became the founder and publisher of "Ukrainian Journal of Radiology”:

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