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2001, vol 9, № 1, page 11

Makeev S.S., Chuvashova O.YU.

Simultaneous application of MRI and SPECT to diagnosis of intracerebral tumors


Objective: Separate application of «functional» and «anato-mical» tomograhical methods of diagnosis limits their infor-mitivity. The purpose of the investigition was to increase informativity of brain tumors diagnosis at complex evaluation of MRI and' SPECT findings.

Material and Methods: Sixteen patients with brain tumors (glioblastomas (IV) — 6, anaplastic astrocytomas (III) — 7, astrocytomas (11) —2, melanoma metastasis — 1) were examined using MRI and SPECT.

Results: The productivity of MRI was high in revealing tumors, characteristics their structural features but was limited in distinguishing of the tumor boundaries and perifocal edema in some cases. At the same time SPECT distinctly outlined the boundaries of malignant tumors but was poorly informative in diagnosis of low grade gliomas and revealing perifocal edema.

Conclusion: The application of both diagnostic techniques in such patients allows to increase informativity of diagnosis of intracerebral tumors.

Key words: intracerebral tumors, MRI, SPECT.


2001, vol 9, № 1, page 14

Topchiy T.V., Makomela N.M.

Capabilities of magnetic resonance і in diagnosis of multiple renal cysts


Objective: To study the capabilities of MRI in diagnosis of the state of the kidneys in multiple cysts.

Material and Methods: The author reports the results of the study of MR images obtained with 0.5 T MR unit (Toshiba) in 19 patients ages 20-79 after ultrasound study of the retroperitoneal spase. The study was done in two stages, i.e. without contrast and with contrast enhancement (Magnevist).

Results: The highest incidence of cysts (45%) was revealed in patients ages 60-69, 32% in persons over 70. The majority of cysts (57%) were lacalized in the parenchyma. The cyts measured 3-30 mm and even more.

Conclusion: The performed study allowed to reveal different structural changes: enlargement of the kidneys, their deformity, nephroptosis as well as to define of pelvis and parenchymal pelvis localization of the cyts changes the angle at which a. and. v. renalis exit the kidney or causes compression of the vessels, which is accompanied by arterial hypertension. In 4 patients the character of MR signal allowed to characterize the changes in the cyts content, to reveal an indistinct borderline between the cortical and medullary substance, to characterize the capsul of the cyst, to define layer sign. All these signs suggest the presence of inflammatory process or malignancy and determine the plan of the patient management.

Key words: MRI, multiple cysts, kidneys, Magnevist.


2001, vol 9, № 1, page 20

Odinskiy B.

Radiography and computed tomography in diagnosis of pelvis fractures

The author has been the chief of Department of Pelvis Pathology in Warsaw for many years. He has accumulated about 1500 observations and describes his experience of radiological and CT examination of this group of patients. Specifying main characteristics of different examination techniques he demonstrates the advantages of reconstruction tomography using the original observations.

Key words: pelvis fracture, radiography, computed tomography, reconstruction computed tomography.


2001, vol 9, № 1, page 26

Panov O.V., Spuzyak R.M. Víkman YA.Ye., Chekanova S.V.

Complex radio- and endoscopic diagnosis of peripheral voluminous pulmonary neoplasms


Objective: To develop an algorithm for diagnosis of peripheral pulmonary tumors (PPT).

Material and Methods: The study involved 90 patients with PPT examined during 1998-2000. Sixty-seven patients underwent bronchoscopy with transbronchial biopsy (TBB) under fluoroscopic control and 23 transthoracic puncture (TTP). To increase the intensity of PPT shadow an original technique of contrast with selective intrabronhial administration of water-soluble x-ray contrast media was used. Pharmacodynamics of the radiopharmaceuticals was studied at endobronchial lung sian with TC99m-pertechnetate.

Results: Morphological verification was made in 94% of TBB and 95.7% of TTP. TTB has a number of advantages when compared with TTP in terms of benefit/risk because at TBB the sample is taken using three methods, i.e. forceps and brust biopsy and wash-out collection. Clinically significant complications of TBB were not noted. After TTP complications were observed in 13% of cases.

Retention of the x-ray contrast substance and accumulation of RP containing technecium was noted in the tissue of the tumor after their endobronchial administration. Peak RP accumulation was reached within 24 hours and was 150-250% when compared with a symmetrical area of the healthy lung.

Conclusion: Bronchoscopy with TBB in PTT localized in the nuclear and mantle zones has a number of advantages over TTP as it allows to obtain the necessary amount of the material for morphological investigation, to evaluate the state of the bronchial tree and to make an accurate topical diagnosis of PTT. The described phenomenon of x-ray contrast and RP accumulation can be the basis for development of new methods of selective chemo- and brachytherapy.

Key words: radiodiagnosis, endoscopy, lung tumors.


2001, vol 9, № 1, page 31

Kramniy I.O., Voronzhev I.O. Grebenyuk V.YU.

Characteristics of changes in x-ray picture of lungs in newborns with hypoxic-ischemic lesions of central nervous system


Objective: To determine more exactly the character of changes in the lungs in hypoxic ischemic lesions of the CNS.

Material and Methods: X-ray films of thoracic organs in frontal projection on breathing in 46 patients (of them 26 boys, 43.6%, and 20 girls, 36.4%) were studied. The diagnosis was specified with cardiovascular ultrasound. Seven patients (15.2%) were performed lateral x-ray film of the chest, nine underwent dynamic study.

Results: The most frequent manifestation of the disease (30.4%) was increased intensified lung picture mainly in the upper medial portions of the both lungs without infiltrative changes due to decreased tone of the vessels and increased pressure in the vascular bed. In 8.7%, disseminated atelectases in the both lungs were noted, which necessitated differential diagnosis with pneumonia. In 13.0% the course of the disease was complicated with interstitial edematous hemorrhagic syndrome. Main complication of hypoxic ischemic lesions of the CNS was pneumonia of different types (15.2%). In 32.6% x-ray changes were absent.

Conclusion: X-ray is the main technique which allows to reveal the changes in the lungs such as intensified lung picture, interstitial edematous hemorrhagic syndrome and dissemitated atelectases as well as to diagnose such complication as pneumonia in 2/3 of the cases.

Key words: CNS, hypoxic insufficiency, changes in the lungs, x-ray sings.


2001, vol 9, № 1, page 34

Yakimova T.P., Dudnichenko O.S. Mítryaeva N.A., Kartashov S.M.

Radioligand technique of investigation of steroid hormone receptors in ovarian tumors


Objective: To study the amount of estradiol and progesterone receptors (ER and PR, respectively) in the tumor tissue in patients with benign and malignant serous tumors of the ovaries and to clarify the association between the clinical characteristics and receptor status.

Material and Methods: The study involved 70 patients with ovarian cancer (stage 2-4) and 15 patients with benign cysta-denomas of ovaries. All tumors had serous morphology. Radioligand technique was used to determine the amount of cytoplas-matic receptors (ER and PR).

Results: Receptor status of benign and malignant tumors was different. The main criterion which allows to distinguish malignant tumors from benign ones was PR amount.

Receptor status in the patients of different age groups was different. In the majority of patients one or both receptors were present in the tumor tissue. The number of tumors containing either both receptors or none of them was the greatest in menopause patients.

Receptor status of ovarian tumors in patients with stage 2-4 disease did not differ significantly in the number of ER and PR positive tumors. The main difference was the amount of receptors.

Conclusion: Absolute majority of serous ovarian tumors (both benign and malignant) are hormone-dependent as they contain estradiol and progesterone receptors. Main feature distinguishing benign and malignant serous tumors of ovaries is the amount of the receptors and first of all, progesterone receptors. Dissemination of the tumor in ovarian cancer is not associated with the amount of ER and PR positive tumors, but the amount of progesterone receptors decreases with the stage of the disease.

Key words: ovarian cancer, cystadenoma of ovaries, estradiol and progesterone receptors, staging.


2001, vol 9, № 1, page 38

Mazur S.G., Rogozhin V.A. Glazovskay I.I.

Comparative analysis of atherosclerotic lesions of cerebral arteries in patients with different types of cerebrovascular pathology


Objective: To compare the structure of arterial lesions in patients with different types of cerebral atherosclerosis.

Material and Methods: We examined 62 patients with cerebral arterial atherosclerosis. The control group consisted of 16 healthy persons. For examination of principle cerebral arteries we used sonographic system "Sonoline-Elegra" (Siemens, Germany), with 7.5 MHz transducer.

Results: Similar incidence of structural alterations in extracranial cerebral arteries in patients with ischemic stroke and in patients with atherosclerotic encephalopathy was found however they were more distinct in the stroke group of patients. Mean value of intima-media complex thickness had statistically significant difference (1.36=0.14 mm in patients after ischemic stroke and 1.15=0.12 mm in patients with atherosclerotic encephalopathy. p< 0.05). In the stroke group atherosclerotic plaques had chiefly heterogeneous structure (72% of the cases) and in patients with atherosclerotic encephalopathy they were predominantly homogeneous and solid (63% of the cases), that indicated slower progression of atherosclerosis. The patients surviving stroke had higher severity of arterial stenosis, 50% and higher grade of stenosis was found in 79% of the cases; atherosclerotic encephalopathy, 60% of patients had less than 50% narrowing of the arterial lumen; multiple stenotic lesions were observed more often in patients after stroke (45%) than in patients with atherosclerotic encephalopathy (21%).

Conclusion: High prevalence of atherosclerotic lesions is revealed in all patients with cerebral atherosclerosis. Howewer in post-stroke group these changes are more significant. They cause exhaustion of collateral blood flow reserve and contribute to decompensation of cerebral hemodynamics.

Key words: atherosclerosis, carotid arteries, bifurcation, atherosclerotic encephalopathy, stroke, plaque, stenosis.

2001, vol 9, № 1, page 42

Kulikova F.I.

Characteristics of dissemination, localization and histologic structure of primary spinal tumors


Objective: To determine the character of dissemination, localization and histological structure of primary tumors of the spinal cord and spinal column on the basis of more exact classification of CNS tumors according to the materials of surgical interventions.

Material and Methods: 462 verified observations of primary spinal tumors treated at Dnipropetrovsk Neurosurgery Hospital during 1979-1998 were analyzed. The study involved 183 men and 279 women aged 3-76.

Results: The incidence of tumors was the highest in the patients of middle age (40-60), 44.8% of all observations, mainly in women (60.4%), 17.1% were intramedullar tumors, 64.9% intradural extramedullar, 18% extradural. Of all primary tumors, 18% were malignant, 39.2% intramedullar, 10.2% intradural extramedullar, 30% extradural. Age and sex dependent localization and histological structure of the tumors was described.

Conclusion: Primary tumors of the spinal cord and vertebral column are observed mainly at middle age, mainly in women (especially meningeomas). The number of intradural tumors exceeds that of extradural ones, the highest ratio of malignant tumors was noted in the group of intramedullar ones.

Key words: intramedullar, intradural, extramedullar, extradural tumors, localization, histologic structure.


2001, vol 9, № 1, page 44

Eloeva Z.V., Víkman YA.Ye.

Significance of ultrasound study for prognosis ofbilification disturbances in viral hepatitis in children


Objective: To evaluate the prognostic significance of ultrasound study of the hepatobiliary system to reveal disturbances of bilification in viral hepatitis in children.

Material and Methods: The study involved 150 children with different varieties of the course of viral hepatitis. The state of the liver, gallbladder and bile ducts was verified using ultrasound. To evaluate kinetictonic state of the biliary system all the children underwent multiple fractionated ultrasound study.

Results: In acyclic course of viral hepatitis, considerable heterogeneous content with dense parietal precipitation and flakes of bile, in some cases with foci of crystallization as well as widened bile ducts were observed. Kinetic-tonic state of the biliary system was characterized by prevailed hypokinesis accompanied by hyper-tone of at least one of the sphincters (Oddi or Lutkenea), sometimes with a tendency to discoordination. The shape of the gallbladder varied from regular oval or pyriform with slight dynamic twist to considerable transverse or even S-shaped twists mainly in the exit area and in the zone of the neck. In a cyclic course of the disease, abundant or unabundant homogeneous content was noted in the cavity of the gallbladder with loose parietal precipitation as well as equal number of hyper- and hypokinesia and sphincter dystonia. In children with hyperkinesis, deformities in the area of the body and fundus of the gullbladder prevailed while in children with hypokinesia they were noted in the exit and neck zone.

Conclusion: Disturbances of bilification in viral hepatitis are determined by the following factors: cholestasis (intra- ahd extra-hepatic), hypokinetic - hypertonic disturbances of the biliary system, deformities of the gallbladder with localization in the exit zone and neck area. Besides, the components of lipid complex of the bile influence the consequence of viral hepatitis being the factors of cholestasis, inflammation and lithogenesis. The high percentage of coincidence of ultrasound findings and complex study of the bile suggest that multiple fraction ultrasound study of the gallbladder can be used as a sufficiently informative technique for prognosis of bilification disturbances in viral hepatitis in children.

Key words: viral hepatitis in children, disturbances of bilification, ultrasound study of the hepatobiliary system, cholestasis, lithogenesis.


2001, vol 9, № 1, page 50

Abdullaev R.YA.

Echocardiography diagnosis of ischemic cardiomyopathy


Objective: To evaluate the informativity of echocardiographic study in diagnosis of ischemic cardiomyopathy.

Material and Methods: 154 patients with disorders of segmental contractility of the myocardium were examined. For differential diagnosis of ischemic and dilatation cardiomyopathy echocardiographic parameters of 39 patients with a considerable dilatation of the left ventricle cavity, blood circulation insufficiency of I—111 stage, without any signs of myocardial infarction in the history, and absence of some cardiac defects were analyzed separately.

Results: In ischemic CMP akinesia with myocardium thinning was observed in 11 patients, in the interventricular septum area, in 5 - in the apex one, in 3 - in the anterior wall and in 2 - in the posterior wall of the left ventricle. Evident demarcation line was revealed in 7 patients with ischemic CMP and in no patients with dilatation one.

Hypokinesia of more than three segments of different localization was registered in 10 (37%) patients with ischemic, in 4 (32,5%) - dilatation CMP. Diffuse hypokinesia was observed in 5 (18,5%) and in 8 (66,6%), respectively. Blockade of the bundle of His was noted in 9 (43%) patients with akinesia of different localization.

Thickening of the walls and narrowing of the lumen of the proximal branch of the left coronary artery trunk was obserwed in 23 (85%) patients with ischemic CMP, in 3 (25%) with dilatation С Mi1.

For three years of observation 7 patients (17%) died; the autopsy confirmed the diagnosis in 6 cases, in 1 cases it proved to be dilatation CMP.

Conclusion: Clinical symptoms and parameters of intracardiac hemodynamics for differential diagnosis of ischemic and dilatation CMP are not sufficiently informative. Akinesia and asymmetric thinning of the segments of the left ventricular myocardium, the presence of the demarcation line, thickening of the proximal branches of the left coronary artery trunk are to be the most informative indices of ischemic CMP.

Key words: echocardiographic examination, myocardium asynergy, segmental contractility disorder, ischemic and dilatation cardiomyopathy.

2001, vol 9, № 1, page 55

Simonova L.I., Rozdílskiy, S.I. Kulíních G.V., Gertman V.Z.

Krapivniy O.O., Abramova L.P., Bílogurova L.V., Levchenko A.P.

The use of laser therapy in complex treatment of ulcer disease in participants of Chornobyl accident clean-up


Objective: To investigate the efficacy of transcutaneous laser therapy in complex treatment of duodenal ulcer.

Material and Methods: The study involved 59 male patients with relapsing duodenal ulcer who had participated in Chornobyl accident clean-up. Of them, 32 patients were administered a course of laser therapy of two types, i.e. 15 patients in a pulsed mode with yellow light (liquid laser ЛЖИ-402, rodamine), 17 patients in a continuous mode with red light (helium-neon laser "Yagoda"), in addition to standard anti-ulcer therapy. Laser therapy was administered daily on the projection of the zone of the ulcer and on acupuncture zones, 15-20 treatments according to individual indications. The controls were 7 patients.

Results: The analysis of the obtained findings showed that in the patients from "laser" group clinical remission developed more quickly than in the controls. It was manifested by more rapid healing of the defect on the 4th-5th day, improved characteristics of healing, reduction by 30-40% of the terms of development of main clinical syndromes: pain and dyspeptic ones. After the control of laser therapy complete normalization of pro-oxidant-antioxidant homeostasis was noted which suggested positive systemic effect of laser therapy. The efficacy of the two modes of laser therapv was equal, laser therapv did not produce anv side-effect.

Conclusion: The obtained results allow to conolude that transcutaneous laser therapy is an effective method of treatment of ulcer disease and can be recommended for complex treatment of the Chornobyl cohort with this disease.

Key words: laser therapy, ulcer disease, Chornobyl cohort.

2001, vol 9, № 1, page 59

Yakimenko I.L., Sidorik E.P.

Protective effect of red laser on exposed to radiation embryos of birds


Objective: To investigate the possibility of radioprotective action of low-intensity red laser on the embryos of birds exposed to ionizing radiation.

Material and Methods: The experiment was done on the embryos of quail. On the stage of early gastrula (before incubation) the embryos of the experimental group were irradiated with x-rays (8.0-8.55 Gy) using РУМ-17 unit. The embryos from similar groups were also irradiated by red helium-neon laser ЛГН-Ш (40-90 ml). Besides, in each series there was a control group which was not exposed to any radiation. During incubation embryo mortality and birth rate were analysed for each group. To evaluate the long-term effects of x-ray and laser radiation tne level of lipid peroxidation, activity of antioxidant enzymes, the content of oxidized cytochrome P-450 in the liver of the birds were studied.

Results: 4.5-6 fold increase in early embryonic death and 2-3.1 fold reduction of the birth rate after x-ray irradiation of embryos was determined when compared with the controls. Irradiation with red laser increased 1.5-1.7 times (p<0.05) the survival at early stages of incubation and increased 1.6 times the birth rate, when compared with the groups exposed to x-rays only. In adult birds from the embryos exposed both to x-rays and laser radiation significant increase in the level of lipid peroxides in the liver was found out when compared with the controls. Significant increase of catalase activity and the amount of oxidized cytochrome P-450 was noted in the liver of the birds from the embryos exposed to red laser after x-ray irradiation.

Conclusion: Low-intensity laser radiation of red range produces radioprotective effect in the embryos of quails exposed to x-rays reducing significantly (1.5-1.7 times, p<0.05) early embryonic mortality and increasing 1.6 times the birth rate. Irradiation of embryos exposed to x-rays with red laser causes significant increase in catalase activity and the amount of oxidized cytochrome P-450 in the liver of the adult birds.

Key words: low-intensity laser radiation, x-rays, embryos of quails, radioprotective effect, catalase, cytochrome P-450.

2001, vol 9, № 1, page 63

Romanova O.P., Bezdrobna L.K. Drozd I.P.

Bioindication of supra-background irradiation in residents of contaminated areas using micronuclear test


Objective: To study the efficacy of micronuclear analysis of peripheral blood lymphocytes for bioindication and biodosimetry of chronic influence of low-dose irradiation on people residing on contaminated territories.

Material and Methods: The study involved 26 residents of 30-km zone of the Chornobyl Atomic Power Plant. The controls were healthy residents of Kyiv of the respective age, sex and smoking habit (41 persons). Micronuclear analysis of peripheral blood lymphocytes at cytokinesis block was used. The incidence of micronuclei and distribution of cells according to the amount of micronuclei was studied.

Results: Significant increase of the incidence of micronuclei and cells with several micronuclei in the lymphocytes of the blood was revealed in the persons who had wilfully settled in the 30-km alienation zone when compared with the residents of Kyiv. Comparison of the subgroups from the 30-km zone which reside in 5 villages with different level of radionuclide contamination of the soil demonstrated correlation between mean supra-spontaneous insidence of micronuclei in the lymphocytes and Sr-90 contamination of the villages as well as mean group doses in the red bone marrow and internal whole-body irradiation. Individual supra-spontaneous incidence of micronuclei per unit of irradiation and the age of the wilful residents was observed which suggested great radiosensitivity of young people.

Conclusion: Tests of micronuclei incidence in the peripheral blood lymphocytes can be used for group bioindication of supra-background low-dosage irradiation of persons residing in contaminated districts. Micronuclear test cannot be used for biodosimetry of low-dosage whole body irradiation. Further study is advisable to determine the possibility of its application in dosimetry of red-bone marrow irradiation. Increase of micronucleus amount in individual patients can be considered a signal of potential risk.

Key words: 30-km alienation zone of the Chornobyl Atomic Power Plant, low-dosage chronic irradiation, peripheral blood lymphocytes, micronuclei.


2001, vol 9, № 1, page 69

Zaverbna L.V., Kovalenko O.M.

The state of parodontium tissue in patients exposed to high-dose ionizing radiation


Objective: To determine the character of changes in parodontium caused by combined action of general (somatic disease) and local (prosthetic work) factors in patients exposed to high-dose ionizing radiation (1R).

Material and Methods: Thirty-six patients exposed to 1 Gy and more were examined 12-14 years after the accident at the Chornobyl Atomic Power Plant. The state of the oral cavity and its structures was studied using a number of special tests (probe test, Schiller-Pisarev test, Kulazhenko's test, bensidin test). The controls were 14 residents of Lviv region who were not exposed to radiation.

Results: Disturbances in the state of the oral structures were determined to be diagnosed more frequently simultaneously with progressing pathology of the cardiovascular, endocrine, respiratory, alimentary and central nervous system in the persons exposed to radiation.

Conclusion: The changes in the oral cavity in the patients with high absorved doses of 1R reflect general somatic pathology of the organism modified by IR. Characteristic feature of radiation lesion of the hard tissue of the tooth and parodontium is prevailing degenerative changes excluding the patients who wear titanium nitrite coated dentures in whom inflammatory process is active.

This feature of oral diseases in patients exposed to high doses of ionizing radiation complicates their treatment and denture work.

Key words: ionizing radiation, dental status, parodontium tissue.


2001, vol 9, № 1, page 73

Karpenko N.O., Chub N.N. Brizgalova G.A., Alesína M.YU. Lyabík V.V.

Influence of continuous low-dose irradiation of male sex cells in postmeiotic phase of gametogenesis on spermatogenesis in their offsprings


Objective: To study spermatologic parameters both in males which were exposed to chronic combined (internal and external) irradiation in low doses in postmeiotic phase of gametogenesis, and in their offsprings, as well as to estimate their sensitivity to low-dosage irradiation.

Material and Methods: The offsprings were received from Wistar rat males irradiated for 1.5 month and intact females. The males of parental generation were decapitated to study spermatologic parameters and to determine absorbed doses from combined irradiation. Various intensity of internal irradiation was simulated by the use of three dilutes of radioactive water from pool-bubblier of the Chornobyl Atomic Power Plant (4th block) and radioactive forage. The same parameters were investigated in offsprings (from irradiated animals) which were kept at normal radiation background or received minimum radiation load from the 4th till the 9th months of the life.

Results: It was established that in the male rats, which received contaminated forage and water for 1.5 months the concentration and percentage of mobile and the morphology normal spermatozoa were similar to those in the control. When mated with intact females, a normal amount of viable pups was obtained. In adult offsprings at normal radiation background the spermograms differed by increased amount of abnormal cells. The offsprings of the parents exposed to absorbed dose of 0.24-1.4 cGy had decreas spermatozon concentration at minimum additional radiation load (mean 19-37%).

Conclusion: Chronic combined (internal and external) low doses irradiation (absorbed dose 0.15-1.4 cGy) does not influence spermatologic parameters in Wistar male rats and does not have genotoxic action. The offsprings, received from them, have the features of disturbance of gamete morphogenesis (teratospermia) and increased sensitivity to weak irradiation (with development of olygozoospermia).

Key words: chronic combined irradiation, low doses, rat, spermatozoa.


2001, vol 9, № 1, page 77

Karbashevska N.YA., Blyum I.O. Tsudzevich B.O.

The effect of ionizing radiation on lipid peroxidation intensity in organs and blood at hypergravity modelling


Objective: To study the change of intensity of lipid peroxidation processes and activity of antioxidant enzymes in the blood and tissues of rats after ground modeling of space flight factors by combined influence of ionizing radiation and hypergravity according to the schematic model: flight, fractional ionizing radiation (stay in space) and landing.

Material and Methods: The investigation was carried out on 60 white adult male rats (weighing 175=25 g) which were decapitated 15, 30, 60 min and 1, 3, 7 days after the completion of the fractional ionizing irradiation at a dose of 5 Gy with РУМ-17 (1 Gy daily), hypergravitational loading (2 g) and their combined action. Catalase and superoxide dismutase activity, concentration of ТВЛ-active products of lipid peroxydation was determined on the tissues of the liver, spleen, brain and blood of rats.

Results: It was shown that combined action of fractionated ionizing radiation and hypergravitational loading caused phase changes in the course of lipid peroxidation processes in the tissues and blood of rats at gradual influence of extreme stress-factors, depending on their nature and damaging action on the links of cell metabolism.

Conclusion: Fractional ionizing irradiation at a dose of 5 Gy and hypergravitational loading (2 g) cause development of non-specific response reaction during the first hour after the exposure. Ionizing radiation modifies subsequent reaction of the organism on hypergravitational loading. The combined influence of fractional ionizing radiation and hypergravitational loading causes activation of lipid peroxidation processes in the tissues and blood of rats and its regulation by antioxidant protection system.

Key words: lipid peroxidation, catalase, superoxide dismutase, ionizing radiation, hypergravitational loading.

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