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2010, vol XVIII, # 3, page 275


2010, vol XVIII, # 3, page 276

M.V. Brezhnev, І.V. Baranov, O.I. Solodyannikova, I.B. Tyutyunov, K.O. Matveev, I.I. Chaban, E.M. Kulikova

The experience of complex treatment for differentiated thyroid carcinoma using new technologies

Summary. The experience of complex treatment for highly differentiated thyroid cancer is featured. It is shown that the use of modern standards allows to achieve 10- and more year survival in 98% of patients, timely and effectively fight the relapses. It was established that the useof thyrogen considerably increased preparation to ablation or diagnosis, prevented metastases growth, reduced the period of inability to work, prevented complications due to hypothyrosis, irradiation of healthy tissues and organs and preserved high quality of life.

Key words: thyroid cancer, treatment, observation, recombinant human TTH, thyrogen.

2010, vol XVIII, # 3, page 278

O.A. Budreyko, S.H. Cherevatova, N.V. Shlyakhova

The character of antibody-formation in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitus

Summary. The character of formation of antibodies to insulin, antigens of p-cells of the pancreas and thyroid gland in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitus (DM) was investigated with the consideration of puberty stage (according to Tanner), duration of DM and the state of compensation of carbohydrate metabolism (by glycemia, glucosuria, glycosilated hemoglobin, HbAl, parameters).

Key words: antibody formation, children, adolescents, diabetes mellitus.

2010, vol XVIII, # 3, page 282

T.S. Vvedenska, S.H. Cherevatova

Morphofunctional and humoral peculiarities of the heart in girls with menstrual function disorders

Summary. One hundred teen-age girls with menstrual function disorders were examined with the purpose to reveal morphofunctional peculiarities of the heart and its humoral supply. Echocardiographic and Doplerometric parameters of the heart were analyzed. Immunoradiological method was used to analyze the parameters of activity of renin-angiotensin II-aldosteron system, blood serum estradioleand testosterone concentration. Frequent disorders of the cardiovascular system in girls with MFD suggest connective tissue dysplasia and are responsible for dysplastic cardiomyopathy. It was established that in girls with MFD intracardiac blood flow disorders occur against a background of increased level of angiotensin II and reduced estradiole concentration.

Key words: adolescents, menstrual function disorders, connective tissue dysplasia, Doppler investigation of the heart and small vessels, estrogens.

2010, vol XVIII, # 3, page 284

G.V. Zelіnska, G.M. Kulіnіchenko, S.V. Gulevaty, Y.M. Bogok, V.V. Markov, G.Y. Ustіmenko

Cystic degeneration and cytokeratin-17 as prognostic factors of metastases radioiodine resistance in papillary thyroid carcinoma

Summary. To determine the correlation between radioiodine resistance and signs of cystic degeneration, the frequency of this signs in two groups of metastases was investigated. As cystic degeneration and cytokeratin-17 expression are independent prognostic factors of radioiodine resistance, it is recommended to use them simultaneously, which increases the accuracy of prognosis of radioiodine resistance of metastases of papillary thyroid carcinoma.

Key words: papillary thyroid carcinoma, cytological diagnosis. cytokeratin-17, radioiodine resistant metastases, cystic degeneration.

2010, vol XVIII, # 3, page 286

G.A. Zubkov, E.B. Luchitsky, V.M. Slavnov, V.M. Ribalchenko, V.E. Luchitsky, V.V. Markov, S.B. Pospelov

Hepatorenal dysfunction in patients with metabolic syndrome according to radionuclide findings

Summary. Ukrainian scintillation tomographic gamma-camera GKS 301 T was used to investigate the functional state of the kidneys and liver in patients with metabolic syndrome (MS). In men with MS. inconsiderable delay in the kidney filtration function and significant delay of excretory function, according to renoangiographysignificant delay of arterial in-flow time and a tendency to delay of venous out-flow time, were noted. In patients with MS, pronounced disorder of excretory liver function, concentration and motor function of the gallbladder as well as hypofunction of Oddi's sphincter were revealed. The obtained findings suggest hepatorenal dysfunction in men with MS and necessity of timely drug correction of the revealed changes.

Key words: hepatorenal dysfunction, metabolic syndrome, radionuclide investigation.

2010, vol XVIII, # 3, page 289

S.V. Zyablіtsev, P.A. Cherchobriviez, E.V. Sorokata

The role of hormone diagnosis at revealing virile syndrome

Summary. Hormone investigation using RIA showed that the presence of virile syndrome (VS) was due to the pathology of the ovaries (78 %) and adrenal glands (21.9 %). In the first case. VS developed as a consequence of sclerocystic ovaries (80.8 %), in the otherdue to insufficiency of 21- and 1 lB-hydroxylase (86.2 %). The findings of hormonal tests and diagnostic algorithms were decisive in determining the origin of hyperandrogeny and determined the further tactics and success of pathogenetically substantiated treatment of the patients.

Key words: hormone diagnosis, virile syndrome.

2010, vol XVIII, # 3, page 291

A.L. Kamіnska, M.O. Nіkolov, A.V. Makarenko, V.O. Muravka

Peculiarities of assessment of Kidney blood flow by indirect renangiography findings

Summary. The findings of indirect renangiography (NRA) as one of the stages of multipurpose scintigraphy in patients with breast cancer are analyzed. It is shown that the changes in the parameters of renal blood flow characterize inflammatory processes in the kidneys and NRA findings depend on the degree of dilution of the radiopharmaceutical bolus which requires additional investigation to correct NRA parameters.

Key words: multipurpose scintigraphy, renal blood flow, indirect renangiography.

2010, vol XVIII, # 3, page 294

O.V. Kopilova, O.A. Stepanenko, L.O. Cvet, I.B. Matsjuk

The peculiarities of sexual development of children with clinical manifestations of insulin and leptin resistance born from the persons exposed in the childhood to radiation due to Chornobyl accident

Summary. The purpose of the study was to reveal the peculiarities of sexual development of the children with clinical manifestations of insulin and leptin resistance born from the persons who were exposed to radiation after Chornobyl accident in their childhood. The study involved 108 persons aged 12-14. The findings of the investigation demonstrated changes in the central and peripheral links of neurohumoral regulation which clinically manifested by obesity, insulin an leptin resistance, disorders of thyroid metabolism, changes in menstrual cycle development against a background of relative diminishing of the ovaries, their uneven structure which resulted in dysfunctional disorders which can cause reproductive disturbances in women and fertility in men.

Key words: the children form the parents exposed in the childhood, Chornobyl accident, sexual development, insulin and leptin resistance

2010, vol XVIII, # 3, page 296

M.M. Korenev, D.A. Kashalda, G.O. Borisko, S.H. Cherevatova, V.A. Bondarenko, N.V. Kalmikova, T.V. Spіvak

Interrelation of hormonal regulation parameters and metabolic processes in children from the families with radiation risk

Summary. Interrelations of the indices of lipid peroxidation (LP) and antioxidant system (AOS) with hormone level were investigated in teen-agers born form the parents who participated in Chornobyl accident clean-up. Multiple inter-sytemic relations indicating participation of hormonal regulation mechanisms in promotion of redox processes were revealed. In girls from the families of Chornobyl accident clean-up participants, LPandAOP processes dependent significantly on the level of steroid hormones. In boys, the relations with thyroid system dominated.

Key words: children of participants of Chornobyl accident cleanup, lipid peroxidation, antioxidant system, lipids, hormones.

2010, vol XVIII, # 3, page 298

M.M. Korenev, T.S. Kostenko, G.O. Borisko, N.V. Kalmikova, S.H. Cherevatova, V.L. Bondarenko

The functional state of the cardiovascular system in adolescents aged 16-18 born from the parents who participated in Chornobyl accident clean up

Summary. The state of the cardiovascular system of the adolescents aged 16-18 born from the parents who participated in Chornobyl accident clean-up was characterized by a high incidence of myocardium bioelectric activity disorders, presence of congenital small heart defects (aberrant chords, idiopathic prolapse of the mitral valve with its mixomatous changes, curvature and deformity of the interventricular septum, dystopia and dysmorphism of papillary muscles), widening of the left ventricle cavity, reduction of contractile function and myocardium tolerance to physical load. Deadaptive variant of cardiohemodynamic response to the test with physical load was noted against a background of reduced activity of the sympathoaderenal system and was observed in children with TTH level over2.5 mlU/I.

Key words: adolescents, radiation, cardiovascular system, physical load.

2010, vol XVIII, # 3, page 301

P.O. Korol, O.V. Kashchenko, N.V. Shinkarenko

Diagnostic significance of dynamic kidney scan in patients who are administered immunodepressive therapy after liver transplantation

Summary. Twenty-two patients aged 29-63 who after liver transplantation were administered immunodepressive therapy were included in the study with the purpose to determine the diagnostic role of dynamic renoscintigraphy.

Significant reduction of the indices of the parenchyma functional activity and secretion-excretion kidney function was revealed (p < 0.05) when compared to the same parameters before immunodepressants administration.

Kidney scan should be performed in these patients with the purpose of pathogenetic correction of the immunodepressive therapy.

Key words: dynamic kidney scan, immunodepressive therapy.

2010, vol XVIII, # 3, page 303

V.Y. Kundіn, M.V. Satir

Diagnostic significance of combines technologies at scintigraphic visualization of the bone system

Summary. The authors discuss the capabilities of standard planar bone scan, single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) and combination of SPECT and x-ray computed tomography (SPECT/CT) at skeleton investigation. The indications for each technique, their diagnostic value at determining bone malignancy and differential diagnosis with benign tumors were determined.

Key words: scintigraphic visualization, bone system, combined techniques.

2010, vol XVIII, # 3, page 307

S.S. Makeev, V.D. Rozumenko, O.Y. Chuvashova, A.V. Rozumenko

The capabilities of simultaneous use of SPECT and MRI findings at removal of brain tumors using neuronavigation

Summary. Surgical removal of the tumors located in functionally important areas (FLA.) of the brain is especial ly dif f icult, which necessitated the recent use of neuronavigation. Combination of SPECT and MRI can aid in specifying the limits of the tumor in the FIA. The purpose of the work was to determine the capabilities of SPECT and MRI at intra-operative determining of interrelation of the tumor and FIA. The tumors involving FIA were diagnosed in 23 patients using MRI and 99mТс(V)-DMSASPECT. Histological verification was done in all cases. The tumor removal was performed using the system for surgical neuronavigation and TV monitoring. MRI revealed the peculiarities of the tumor structure. SPECT - highly proliferating tumors. Comparison of SPECT andMRI images in the patients required combination of the images f or more accurate intraoperative orientation of the surgeon at removal of the brain tumor.

Key words: brain tumor, removal, neuronavigation, SPECT, MRI.

2010, vol XVIII, # 3, page 311

D.S. Mechev, M.V. Krushinsky, O.V. Scherbіna

Radionuclide therapy for highly differentiated thyroid cancer with multiple metastases to the lungs

Summary. The efficacyof treatment of patients with thyroid cancer with multiple metastases to the lungs using the suggested method consisting in increase of therapeutic activity of NaI3II by 50 % with each new stage as well as reduction of time intervals between the stages is analyzed. After three stages of treatment positive effect of treatment was observed in 24 of 28 patients (85.7 %), in 4 (14.3 %) — partial effect was noted. To achieve complete effect (absence of metatstases visualization) 1-2 more courses of radioiodine therapy are required.

Key words: thyroid cancer, metastases, lungs, radionuclide therapy.

2010, vol XVIII, # 3, page 313

D.S. Mechev, M.M. Fіrsova, N.І. Poliakova, T.M. Govorukha

An experience of Xeloda application to radiomodification of radionuclide and radiation therapy

Summary. The results of treatment of 136 patients in whom Xeloda was used as a radiomodifier of radionuclide (metastatic breast cancer) and radiation (medulloblastoma and brain metastases) therapy were analyzed. Considerable (1.5-2 times) increase of qualitative and quantitative parameters of the quality of life and efficacy of complex therapy were noted in these patients.

Key words: radionuclide and radiation therapy, radiomodification, Xeloda, metastatic breast cancer, brain metastases.

2010, vol XVIII, # 3, page 316

T.A. Nachotova, O.Yu. Sheludko, S.H. Cherevatova

The peculiarities of insulin-like growth factor-1 level in teen-age girls with oligomenorrhea and secondary amenorrhea

Summary. Investigation of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) in teen-age girls with menstrual cycle disorders demonstrated a significant contribution of IGF-1 in teen-age girls when hyperprolactinemia and hyperinsulinemia were absent.

Key words: teen-age girls, oligomenorrhea, secondary amenorrhea, insulin-like growth factor-1, hormonal status.

2010, vol XVIII, # 3, page 317

L.І. Rak

The state of renin-angiotensin-II-aldosterone system at different forms of myocardium pathology in children and teen-agers

Summary. Examination of 223 children aged 10-18 with the myocardium pathology of inflammatory and non-inflammatory origin and 104 with congenital heart defects revealed that irrespective of the form of the myocardium pathology, formation of the initial stage of chronic heart failure developed against a background of RAAS activation, the level of its activation depending on the peculiarities of hemodynamic conditions of the heart function.

Key words: chronic heart failure, myocardium pathology, congenital heart defect, children and teen-agers.

2010, vol XVIII, # 3, page 320

G.O. Romanenko, V.Yu. Kundіn

Renoscintigraphy investigation of cystoureteral reflux in children with various kidney and urinary tract pathologies

Summary. The authors present the findings of dynamic renoscint igraphy (DRS) and indirect radionuclide renoscintigraphy (IRRS) revealing cystoureteral reflux (CUR) in 59 children using RP of different mechanisms of elimination. According to the research, IRRS is a rather sensitive method revealing CUR. The use of combination of standard DRS with IRRS yields more significant and accurate findings for diagnosis of CUR. DRS with 99mТс-EC (MAG3) in the majority of cases can be used instead of x-ray urography revealing CUR in children of all ages at dynamic observation of the disease course and at chronic infections of the urinary tract.

Key words: children, cystoureteral reflux, kidneys, ureters, urinarybladder, dynamic renoscintigraphy, indirect radionuclide cystography, nephrotropic radiopharmaceuticals.

2010, vol XVIII, # 3, page 323

V.M. Slavnov, S.Yu. Savitsky, V.V. Markov, G.A. Zubkov

Achievements of radionuclide diagnosis of diabetes mellitus complications

Summary. The findings of the original research and literature data covering the approaches to radionuclide diagnosis in assessment of diabetes mellitus (DM) complications associated with resistant arterial hypertension in 80% of patients are reported. To diagnose diabetic cystopathy it is recommended to use radioisotope method of determining residual urine. Radionuclide angiography and scintigraphy of the bones of the foot and knee joints with the original technique is a reliab le diagnostic approach to assessment of the vessels involvement and osteoarticular system involvement in DM patients.

Key words: diabetes mellitus, complications, radionuclide diagnosis.

2010, vol XVIII, # 3, page 326

O.І. Solodyannikova, S.Yu. Sklar, N.Yu. Voight, D.O. Dzhuzha, Yu.G. Shmakov

The algorithm of mammoscintigraphy application in complex diagnosis of breast cancer

Summary. The study involved 136 women aged 23-76 with suspected breast tumors, who were treated or were registered at National Cancer Institute in 2004-2009. In 96 patients the investigation revealed morphologically verified breast cancer (ВС). The controls were 40 women with benign diseases of the breast, i.e. diffuse fibroadenomatosis, breast cysts, fibrous-cystic mastopathy. The patients were divided into 3 subgroups. In group 1, static mammoscintigraphy by standard protocol was performed with 99mТс-MIBI, 99mТс-(V)DMSA and 99mТс-GMРАО with the purpose to determine the most informative RP. MSG was done using emission computed tomograph E.CAM 180 (Siemens) with a lowenergy parallel high resolution collimator with photopeak energy 140 KeV. Optimal RP according to diagnostic informativity parameters, 99mТс-MIBI was determined to be optimal RP. At primary diagnosis of ВС, sensitivity of 99mТс-MIBI MSG was 90.6 %, specificity — 100 % , accuracy — 95.4 % . Diagnostic efficacy of 99mТс-(V)DMSA was lower: sensitivity — 85 % , specificity — 100 % , accuracy — 86.2 %. With 99mТс-GMPAO, sensitivity was 81 % , specificity — 90 % , accuracy — 83.9 % . The algorithm determining the role of MSG in complex diagnosis of breast tumors, which can be used both at primary diagnosis of the tumor, and observation of the patients during chemotherapy, was worked out.

Key words: breast cancer, mammoscintigraphy, radiopharmaceuticals.

2010, vol XVIII, # 3, page 330

N.P. Stroganova, L.N. Babіy, Yu.O. Khomenko

Assessment of contractile function of the left ventricle myocardium in patients with the history of myocardial infarction

Summary. High correlation between (dv/dt)max and contractile function index (1СФ) (r - 0.72; p < 0.01) was revealed. High informativity of 1СФ in assessment of contractile function of the left ventricle myocardium was demonstrated: sensitivity — 96.0 %, specificity — 94.4 % . Testing 1СФ determined by echocardiography findings proved the possibility to use it for analysis of the state and degree of realization of heart compensation mechanisms under the conditions of changes hemodynamics.

Key words: myocardium contractile function, left ventricle, myocardium infarction.

2010, vol XVIII, # 3, page 332

M.M. Tkachenko, O.V. Mironova, A.G. Mazur, N.V. Goryaіnova

Radioimmunological investigation of a tumor marker, thymidine kinase, in acute myeloblastic leukemia

Summary. The authors report the results of determining the level of thymidine kinase (TK) in the blood serum of 19 7 patients with acute myeloblasts leukemia (AML) during the treatment using standard remission induction « 7+3». It was proven that TK was an independent prognostic factor of response to induction CT and an important criterion of the treatment efficacy. It was established that the lower the level of serum TK at the moment of diagnosis, the higher the probability of clinical hematological remission. TK activity assessment in the blood serum allows more objective evaluation of AML treatment results.

Key words: radioimmunological investigations, tumor marker thymidine kinase, acute myeloblastic leukemia.

2010, vol XVIII, # 3, page 336

S.І. Turchina

Radioimmine methods application to determining the functional state of STH-IGF-1 in adolescent boys with diffuse nontoxic goiter

Summary. The purpose of the study was to investigate the character of production of somatotropic hormone (STH) and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) in adolescent boys with diffuse nontoxic goiter (DNG). Blood serum STH, IGF-1, thyrotropin, thyroxin, triiodothyronin, testosterone, and estradiole level were investigated in 131 boys aged 14-17 with DNG using radioimmune method with the use of Immunotech (Czech Republic) kits. The obtained findings suggest that the lowest values of basal STH and IGF-1 against a background of hypothyroidism sings are registered in the adolescents of low height and sexual development retardation. Close interrelation between STH, IGF-1 production and the level of thyroid and sexual hormones was proven.

Key words: STH-IGF-1 system, diffuse nontoxic goiter, adolescents.

2010, vol XVIII, # 3, page 340

M.M. Fіrsova, D.S. Mechev, N.І. Polyakova, Yu.P. Severіn

The role of Zometa in systemic radionuclide therapy for bone metastases (workshop)

Summary. The ten-year experience of treatment of the patients with bone metastases using systemic radionuclide therapy in combination with Zometa between the courses showed high treatment efficacy. It is suggested to use this protocol in future.

Key words: bisphosphonates, systemic radionuclide therapy, bone metastases.

2010, vol XVIII, # 3, page 342

M.І. Hvorostenko, O.L. Lyanna, V.І. Chorna, N.A. Dorofeyeva

The changes of the state of proteolysis system in response to radiation treatment for papillary thyroid carcinoma

Summary. The changes of activity of lysosomal cysteine catepsine L and concentration of thyroid hormones in the blood plasma of patients with papillary thyroid carcinoma were investigated. It is shown that the level of activity of the investigated enzyme increases at all stages of the investigation and reaches its maximum after radioiodine therapy. The influence of activity changes of lysosomal catepsine L on the increase of thyrotropic hormone concentration in the blood plasma is discussed.

Key words: thyroid gland, carcinoma, radioiodine therapy, proteolysis system.

2010, vol XVIII, # 3, page 344

N.V. Chernova, І.V. Dats, Yu.O. Mycyk, І.S. Shatinska-Mycyk, V.S. Perіg, A.P. Rumyantsev

Radiation methods of osteoporosis diagnosis in women with hypothyroidism in postmenopause

Summary. The study determined that postmenopause hypoestrogenia, decompensated hypothyroidism, the history of thyroidectomy promoted development of early and pronounced postmenopausal osteoporosis. Osteocalcin, one of the most important neocollagen proteins in the bone matrix, is an objective biochemical marker of the bone loss at primary hypothyroidism in postmenopause and informs 3-5 months earlier than densitometry about bone metabolism disorders.

Key words: osteoporosis, radiation diagnosis, hypothyroidism, postmenopause women.

2010, vol XVIII, # 3, page 345

V.І. Choban, G.V. Tsvіgun, Yu.O. Yarmolyuk, R.G. Krasіlnіkov, O. I. Grechanik, D.P. Nіkolyuk

The prospects of scintigraphy with labeled phosphates to reveal ossified hematomas at traumas of the lower extremities

Summary. The purpose of the work was to determine the diagnostic capabilities of scintigraphy with phosphates to reveal hematomas and complications at traumas of the lower extremities at complex investigation with modern technologies of radiation diagnosis. Scintigraphy of the bone system with phosphate compounds labeled with 99,I1Tc 29 was performed in patients with hematomas of lower extremities together with ultrasound, MR, and x-ray investigation. It was established that scintigraphy, ultrasound, MRI and x-ray images of hematoma were different and depended on the time and complications. The changes of the complications were analyzed (hematoma ossification) in the initial period, the periods of immature and mature ossification. Temporal parameters of the complications (hematoma ossification) in the initial period, the period of immature and mature ossification at various types of complications were established. Bone scan with labeled phosphates proved to be the most effective method of radiation diagnosis of early hematoma ossification. Scintigraphic manifestation of the pathology was observed earlier than at other methods of radiation diagnosis.

Key words: ossified hematoma, bone scan, radiopharmaceutical.

2010, vol XVIII, # 3, page 352

S.V. Fedkіv

The study of MSCT ventriculography and echocardiography findings in patients with coronary artery disease

Objective: To evaluate the structural and functional state of the left ventricle (LV) in patients with coronary artery disease according to echocardiography and multislice computed tomography (MSCT) and to determine the diagnostic value of these methods.

Material and Methods: The study in volved 328 patients with CAD and 75 controls. MSCT-ventriculography was performed on a 16-slice computed tomograph Light Speed-16 with data processing using Advantage Workstation 4.2.

Results: The findings of echocardiography and MSCT in patients with coronary artery disease in diagnosis of structural and functional changes of the LV were evalucted. The research revealed that 57(72,1%) patients with clinical symptoms of unstable angina had an increase in EDV (14%), ESV (18%), ESS (15%), EDS (11 %) and reduction in EF of LV (7%), when compared with patients with stable angina. This indicates the development of chronic myocardial ischemia and impairment of both systolic and diastolic (global) LV function. In 91% of patients with changes in the structural and functional state of the left ventricle the presence of calcium atherosclerotic plaques the were revealed in the projection of the coronary vessels hemodynamic significant stenoses were revealed by MSCT-coronary angiography.

Conclusion: Thus, the methods of cardiac imaging, echocardiography and MSCT, provide precise information about the structural and functional state of the left ventricle and can be interchangeable as to estimate the size of the cavities of the heart, the thickness of its walls, and to identify the changes in structural and functional parameters of the left ventricle in coronary arterydisease as well as the extent of their manifestation.

Key words: coronary artery disease, noninvasive multislice computed tomography, MSCT-ventriculography, echocardiography.

2010, vol XVIII, # 3, page 359

V.Yu. Usov, M.L. Belyanin, A.I. Bezlepkin, O.Yu. Borodin, V.D. Filimonov

Experimental paramagnetic contrast of lung tumors with Pentamang 1.0 M

Objective: We have evaluated the image-enhancement properties of high-molar 1M solution of Manganese(II)- diethylentriaminpentaacetate (Pentamang 1M) as a paramagnetic contrast agent for detection of lung tumors, as well as tumor metastases, with Tl-weighted MRI in dogs.

Material and Methods: Pentamang 1M was obtained using original patented nanopowder technology from manganese dioxide or manganese carbonate and sodium diethylentriaminpentaacetate as described before (Beljanin e.a. 2008). Nine dogs were employed for the study, in all the lung tumor was suggested during routine veterinary clinical inspection and later on verified with ultrasonic study. MRI studies were carried out using low-field scanner (0,2 T Magetom Open machine, by Siemens Medical Ltd, Germany) in Tl- and T2-weighted modes before and 7-12 min after injection of pentamang 1M. The standard dose of pentamang 1M was as high as 1 ml of solution per 10 kg of BW. The results were reported by noninformed radiologist and quantified using enhancement index(IE), as IE=(Intensity of Tl-wMRIPentamang)/(Intensity of Tl- wMRIInitial).

Results: In all dogs the primary tumor as well as metastatic foci were significantly enhanced by injection of pentamang 1M. In particular the enhancement was forvarious locations of tumor masses as high as follows. In primary tumor the IE — 1,52 ± 0,09 ; in metastases in ribs IE = 1,29 ± 0,07; in paratracheal lymphatic metastases IE = 1,48 ± 0,11; in paraaortic mets the IE = 1,37 ± 0,07 ; in pleural metsIE = 1,33 ± 0,09. Nosignificant enhancement was seen in intact tissues, in particular in liver parenchyma, making evidence for stability of pentamng 1M. Nevertheless significant enhancement was observed inextumoral lung parenchyma, with IE= 1,23 ± 0,05, and also in myocardium, with IE = 1,15 ± 0,09.

Conclusion: The pentamang 1M provides significant paramagnetic enhancement of both primary lung tumors and metastatic involvement of lymph nodes, and hencefore pentamang IMis worth clinical testing as tumor imaging agent for chest MRI studies.

Key words: lung tumors, paramagnetic contrast, pentamang.


2010, vol XVIII, # 3, page 367

V.A. Kubishkіn

Blood serum apoptosis parameters changes at radiation therapy for malignant tumors

Objective: To determine the prognostic value of apoptosis markers (TNF- a, caspase-8 and p53) in the blood serum with the purpose to assess the efficacy of radiation therapy (RT) for malignant neoplasms.

Material and Methods: The study involved the patients with malignant tumors of different location. All the patients were administered RT according to the existing protocols, which depended on the tumor location and stage. The study design was developed in such a way that the final group included 31 patients (7 with breast tumors, 12 cervical tumors, 5 lung tumors, 7 head and neck tumors) who demonstrated diminishing of the tumor size by >30% and were performed all biochemical investigations by the end of RT. The controls were 14 healthy subjects. The material of the study was blood serum of the cancer patients obtained at the beginning and at the end of RT course. Solid phase immunoenzyme assay was used to determine tumor necrosis factor a (TNF-a), caspase-8 and p53 protein.

Results: The performed study showed that TNF- a is the most dynamic factor of the blood serum. Its significant increase was noted in all groups of the patients with various tumors. RT resulted in further growth of this parameter in the investigated groups. Evaluation of caspase-8 and p53 did not demonstrate any considerable regularities. Caspase-8 was not determined in 65% of the investigated samples of the blood serum; p53 — in 46 % of samples. In a number of patients with high p53 level this parameter did not change by the end of RT.

Conclusion: TNF- a is the most sensitive criterion for assessment of the tumor formation effects and RT results. Increase of TNF-a after RT allows to suggest that its effects are associated with activation of external apoptosis pathways, while determining caspase-8 and p53 in the blood serum with the purpose of RT efficacy assessment is poorly informative due to absence of a pronounced response to RT.

Key words: malignant tumors, radiation therapy, apoptosis, tumor necrosis factor a, caspase-8, protein p53.

2010, vol XVIII, # 3, page 372

O.O. Petrichenko

Social well-being as an indicator of the attitude of the population of polluted and conventionally clean territories to the conditions and quality of life at long terms after Chornobyl accident

Objective: The study was performed to investigate the level of social well-being and way of life of the persons residing on radioactively polluted territories at long terms after Chornobyl accident using the findings of the questionnaire.

Material and Methods: A questionnaire determining the level of social well-being of the population considering 10 conventional spheres of human life activity was worked out. Two hundred persons residing on radioactively polluted territories and 106 controls from conventionally clean areas were interrogated. The following methods were used in the process of investigation and processing of the obtained findings: factor analysis using the method of main components and rotation of factors with varimax method, hierarchic cluster analysis with the method of mean connection, which allows preserving correlation between the points in multidimensional space of the obtained findings. The latter was introduced and processed using PC and methods of distribution statistics with SPSS programs.

Results: The hierarchy of values in the consciousness of the investigated persons, the level of social well-being depending on the sex, age, profession, education, work category (physical, mechanic), life position, attitude to the health, future plans and ambitions and well-being level were determined.

Conclusion: The suggested questionnaire considering the findings of the test of integral index of social well-being and simulation of the types of behavior using M. Rokich technique "Valued orientations" allowed determining emotional-evaluating state of an individual in the respect to the system of social relations, level of social well-being at long terms after Chornbyl accident.

Key words: social well-being, radioactively polluted and conventionally clean territory, social well-being.

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