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2011, vol XIX, # 4, page 389

R.Yu. Churylin

Radiation diagnosis of a complicated course of acute lung abscess

Objective: To determine and describe the character of x-ray manifestations of different complications of acute lung abscesses.
Material and Methods: The findings of x-ray investigations of 101 patients with lung abscess aged 18-78 were analyzed. Among them men prevailed, 79 (78.2 %). Radiography in two projections, linear and computed tomography (24 persons) were used. All patients underwent a dynamic observation.
Results: The presence of accompanying diseases complicating the course of abscess was revealed in 49 (48.5 %) patients. Pleura involvement, i.e. pleurisy, were the most frequent, 23 (46.9 %) patients, emphysema development was observed in 17 (34.7 %), brochopulmonary dissemination in the form of pneumonic foci in 14 (28.6 %), pneumofibrosis in 13 (26.5 %), pleura empyema and pyopneumothorax in 8 (16.3 %), gangrene in 2 (4.1 %) patients, etc. Transformation of acute abscess to chronic, development of multiple abscesses, pulmonary thromboembolism, and combination of several complications in severe cases were less frequent. The investigation of the obtained findings allowed to distinguish the peculiarities of x-ray picture of each complication, to describe the peculiarities and signs promoting the correct diagnosis.
Conclusion: X-ray investigation is a leading diagnostic modality in case of purulent destructive diseases, especially with the purpose to correct the treatment and determining the indications to surgery. Almost in half of the patients (46.5 %), the course is complicated by the development of one or several accompanying pathological processes (pleurisy, empyema, gangrene, etc), which complicate the course and require additional therapeutic measures, frequently determining the outcome of the disease.
Key words: x-ray diagnosis, lung abscess, complications.


2011, vol XIX, # 4, page 395

O.Y. Tsaruk, N.M. Rudenko, V.M. Ryzhyk, Y.I. Alekseeva

The peculiarities of dynamic echocardiography in infants with aorta coarctation

Objective: To analyze main echocardiography indices in infants with aortic coarctation (ACo) with the purpose to determine the further management tactics.
Material and Methods: The study involved 52 children under 1 year. In 30.7 % of them the diagnosis of ACo was made at the age of 0-3 months, in 23.1 % - at 3-6 months; 21.2 % - at 6-9 and 25.0 % - at 9-12 months, respectively.
Echocardiographic indices, i.e. end-diastole index, ejection fraction, Tei index, left ventricle myocardium mass index, and pressure gradient in the aortic valve were determined.
By ACo degree the children were divided into the following groups: 45. 9 % of cases with mild aorta stenosis, 23.7 % — medium, 13.5 % — severe, and 16.9 % — critical AS.
Results: Dynamic observation of the patients with different degree ACo revealed the changes in main echocardiography para­meters. High sensitivity and informativity of Tei index in the left ventricle, which determines it as one of the main echocardiographic indices for control of the child’s health and decision on the further management tactics, was proven.
Conclusion: It is recommended to investigate the patients with mild aorta stenosis once in 6 months, with medium one once a month. Severe degree requires telemedicine application to solve the question about the necessity and time of cardiosurgery; critical course necessitates urgent transpiration to cardiosurgery center for urgent surgery.
Key words: congenital heart defects, infants, aorta stenosis, echocardiography.


2011, vol XIX, # 4, page 401

S.E. Lozinskiy

How should ultrasound dynamics of the heart geometry be assessed?

Objective: To perform quantitative assessment of test-retest error value and work out methods to minimize its influence
Material and Methods: The findings of examination of 100 patients with hypertension who underwent repeated ultrasound investigation were investigated retrospectively.
Results: Test-pretest error value obtained during echocardiography corresponded to mean values obtained in similar studies. The use of the suggested method of mathematical processing of the initial data allowed to achieve higher statistical probability of the differences in the dynamics of ultrasonography findings when compared to the traditional technique.
Conclusion: The level of error of test-retest reproducibility of the obtained findings is within the ranges of a permissible error of test-retest type for M and 2D techniques. The suggested method of a simple mathematical processing allows to reduce probability of test-retest error. To make mathematical processing correct, the interval between ultrasound investigations should not be < 12 months. The reported method is a simple one and can be used in every day practice when it is necessary to assess the shifts using the findings of repeated examinations.
Key words: echocardiography, data reproducibility, test-retest error.


2011, vol XIX, # 4, page 407

E.M. Gorban, N.V. Topolnikova, O.V. Pod'yachenko, M.V. Osypov

The age dependent characteristics of the metabolic syndrome manifestation in animals exposed to ionizing radiation in hypoxic conditions

Objective: To study the influence of combination a single x-ray irradiation at a sublethal dose of adult and old rats with simultaneous hypoxic exposure to a number of manifestations of radioinduced changes, typical for metabolic syndrome (MS), 30 days after ionizing irradiation.
Material and Methods: Male Wistar rats aged 6 and 24 months were used. The animals were divided into 3 groups: group 1 - controls; group 2 - x-ray exposure at a dose of 0.0129 C / kg (5 Gy) (dose rate 0.00129 C/ kg per minute), irradiation time 10 min); group 3 - irradiation + hypoxic influence (breathing with air mixture containing 10 V% O2 for 1 min before the exposure and 10 min during the exposure). The animals were under the observation for 30 days after the exposure.
Blood plasma level of insulin (Ins), glucose and glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c), sensitivity of tissues to Ins (index HOMA), the levels of stable metabolites of nitric oxide (NO) in plasma and tissues of the aorta and myocardium, the level of cholesterol (CH) in the liver tissue and body weight were investigated.
Results: Within 30 days after the exposure the adult rats demonstrated a tendency towards reduction of blood plasma Ins level which can result from prolonged stimulation of beta-cell apparatus and its possible depletion is a prerequisite for the development of type 1 diabetes mellitus (DM); increase of HbA1c levels, indicating development of hyperglycemia within 30 days after irradiation; reducing the levels of stable metabolites of NO (NO2-and NO3 - anions) in the blood plasma and tissue of the aorta and the level of NO2-anions in the myocardial tissue; increase of CH level in the liver tissue. The old rats demonstrated increase in blood plasma glucose and insulinresistance (IR), that may be a prerequisite for the development of type 2 DM; lower levels of NO2-anions in aorta tissue and a tendency to increase of body weight. In exposed adult rats hypoxic influence prevented the tendency of reduction in Ins level and elevation of HbA1c level in blood plasma; increased of CH level in liver tissue and decrased levels of NO2-anions in blood plasma, tissues of the aorta and myocardium. In old irradiated animals, elevation of the level of glucose in blood plasma and IR, reduction of NO2-anions level in the tissue of the aorta and the tendency to increased body weight were observed.
Conclusion: Combined influence of hypoxia and x-ray irradiation of adult and old rats in sublethal dose can prevent a number of manifestations of radioinduced MS in animals of both age groups. Prevention by hypoxic exposure, combined with irradiation, of a number of manifestations of radioinduced MS in adult and old animals shows promising research opportunities of appropriate correction of violations, caused by the influence of ionizing radiation, in adult and old persons.
Key words: ionizing radiation, hypoxic effects, metabolic syndrome, age-related peculiarities


2011, vol XIX, # 4, page 414

L.Y. Vasilyev, Y.B. Radzishevska, Ya.E. Vikman, P.P. Sorochan, A.M. Nasonov, O.O. Solodovnikova

Organization of database of follow-up history of cancer patients with late metastatic tumors for their prospective analysis

Objective: To describe the informative structure of database, intended for the scientific analysis of problems, related to appearance and development of the second, metachronic and late metastatic tumors.
Material and Methods: For creation of database the programmatic complex "Database of patients" was used, created in Grigoriev’s Institute of Medical Radiology of NAMS of Ukraine. A type and structure of the accumulated information correspond to the proper records of paper hospital charts. Information appears in a maximally formalized kind by the use of certificate tables.
Results: As a result of the done work an electronic database, maximally proper to the paper variant of hospital chart and suitable for further mathematical processing of the information contained in it, is created.
Conclusion: As a result of accumulation in the developed base of information of necessary amount of informative units, the array of the structured formalized information, allowing to conduct the modern statistical processing of data, related to appearance and development of the second, metachronic and late metastatic tumors will be got.
Key words: database, metachronic tumors, statistical treatment.


2011, vol XIX, # 4, page 420

M.I. Pilipenko

1. General regularities of biologic effect of ionizing radiation Direct and indirect biologic effect. Molecular effects


2011, vol XIX, # 4, page 433

M.I. Pilipenko, L.Y. Vasilyev, Ya.E. Vikman, E.B. Radzishevska

Second malignant tumor Part 1. Epidemiology


2011, vol XIX, # 4, page 442

V.A. Vinnikov

Biomarkers of radiation exposure: a short review І. Autonomous markers and multiparametric approach


2011, vol XIX, # 4, page 453

A.V. Kubashko

The peculiarities of lipid and protein damage due to radioinduced oxide stress and post-radiation cascade transformations in the cell


2011, vol XIX, # 4, page 460

L.I. Simonova, V.Z. Hertman, L.V. Belogurova

Simulation of local radiation skin lesions on laboratory animals

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